Tasha and Mark | ENGAGEMENT SHOOT | Marlborough


Today I’m sharing Tasha and Mark’s engagement shoot Marlborough. I love driving through pretty villages and the weather on this day was just perfect. It was a day in May and it was lovely and warm. I met the couple in town and we headed off to a local coffee shop for some lunch. We instantly connected about the fact that we cannot go walking around the town on empty stomachs! Haha! I felt instantly relaxed with these guys and really enjoyed their company.

We went for a lovely walk through the town, looking for spots to take photos. We saw some gorgeous fields, but these where all private farm land. We persisted and found a lovely rape seed field that is on a public walking route. The sun was beaming down and it felt like a proper summers day, just fantastic. With happy hearts (and bare feet!) we headed back. Along the way we greeted some horses and Tasha played in the water! All and all a lovely day out.

This is why I love doing pre-wedding (engagement) shoots. I get to meet new people, explore new areas, have fun and have an all round lovely day out :)

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